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Unger Stingray Glasreiniger | Glazenwasserswinkel.nl
  • Unger Stingray Glasreiniger | Glazenwasserswinkel.nl

Stingray Glasreiniger

 2,12 1,59 21% BTW 25%

Stingray Glasreiniger verwijdert vuil en vet zeer effectief, is sneldrogend, zonder strepen of vlekken.
Stingray Professional Glass cleaner, ready to use, replaceable pouches for Stingray Indoor Cleaning System.
– Lint Free, Easy Glide Microfibre
– Effectively Removes Dirt, Fingerprints & Grease
– Making Glass Easier to Clean over Time
– Fast drying, no streaks or marks

Pre-Filled with high quality 3M Scotchgard professional glass cleaner. Single pouch cleans up to 150m2*. Also Cleans (but may not protect) other Surfaces. Use Safely on Stainless Steel, Chrome, Aluminium, Plastic, Acrylic etc.
*with Low to Medium Surface Pollution.
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